It Keeps Happening

by Scarier Area

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released September 20, 2011

Recorded by Kyle Graham in July 2011 at Fresh Produce Studios above the Fire in Philadelphia.

Scarier Area is Connor, Jeff, and Nick
We live in Philadelphia mostly.
Thanks to Nick Harris for doing all this snazzy artwork stuff.
Tony Godino sang on songs 3 and 4 and wrote the lyric at the end of "Sticks".
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Scarier Area Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Arrow Smith
Stop thinking out loud. Corner your mouth.
Well you think I'm a liar, so what else should I say?
Start leaving details out. Taste your own doubt.
So while you think I'm a liar, remind me why I stay.
We make these bad decisions, we can't live with the consequences.
Parched and thin as wire, rust building on the frame.

Dream of the day
I can get lost in anything.
Blocking the bound, forests for trees.
Track Name: Motley Crew
Thought I could change you.
Don't know how I would, just thought that I could.
You wreak indifference. Watch, it will swim around you soon.
Repeating history.

Nothing I could say.
Nothing I could do could ever change you.
I guess that I have lost you.
Track Name: Deaf Leopard
I'm feeling used again.
Stripped down to the bare bones that the womb I grew in gave to me.
The usual. I was born free, wild, avian, and tropical.

What's this? I feel sick again.
Stepped on like a ladder.

I'm feeling sick again.
Singed up in the gangrene gills the stream I swam in bled for me.
For every breath I take, take two of them away from me.

I built this bridge and I'll burn it down.
I was here before you. I'll be here long after you.
I don't wanna die, I don't want to die.
Track Name: Sticks
Be things what they may.
Feelings what are they?
I lost them a long, long time ago and now I'm out.
I'm out of line and out of season.
Plant the seeds and quit believing.
Spring will breed and bring new life.
The tides will turn and take our side

Ice collects now in the same way, my doubts project right on my face.
I'm leaving now, remembering, I'll disappear in time for spring.

Why call it seasonal when I'm just depressed anyway?